"Paula Child has taught our daughter classical guitar on a weekly basis for over 7 years. During that time she has demonstrated outstanding patience, accommodation and professionalism. Paula has willingly contributed to her all-round musical education leading a good grade at GCSE. Paula has given advice on peripheral matters such as equipment and music sources etc.

"Paula inaugurated and continues 'The Great Guitar party', an annual concert given by her pupils of all abilities, this being but one example of the energy and commitment she brings to her profession."

P. and V. L.

"Paula has been teaching me classical guitar for nearly three years.  As an adult returning to the instrument after several years, I needed patience and confidence building, which Paula has amply provided.  She has a delightful, easy-going manner but an underlying determination to get the best out of her students.

 "Paula regularly includes music theory in her lessons in tandem with the technical development to provide a coherent knowledge of music.  This is not the case with all music teachers.

"Each year Paula organises an ensemble of her students to play for friends and family.  Not only does she select appropriate, exciting pieces to be played in small groups and solo across a range of abilities; but she also coordinates all the rehearsals and hosts the evening.  The age of the ensemble members goes from about 6 years old to mature adult. This event simply would not happen without Paula – she is the anchor and the inspiration. It encourages those students to play in public – something I had never previously done and she fosters a great sense of achievement in all for having taken part. 

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Paula as a teacher to anyone, regardless of age or experience."     V.