• Classical guitar and ukulele teaching in primary, secondary and independent schools in Bucks and Oxon in line with national curriculum programmes of study

  • Complementing and enriching work in class music lessons through collaboration with music staff colleagues and peripatetic instrumental teachers to ensure pupils are not taught in isolation of music-making in the rest of the school

  • All pupils learn to read music notation, theory, improvisation, composition, aural, listening, memory, technique, self-evaluation, performance, ensemble 

  • Lessons complement GCSE and A level course requirements where appropriate, particularly in areas of performing (solo and ensemble) and composition

  • Exams:  Classical guitar - Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) or Trinity College London (90% Distinction).  Ukulele - Register of Guitar Tutors (RGT) (100% Distinction). Theory - ABRSM (90% Distinction).

  • Full professional indemnity insurance and DBS.

"Thank you Paula, again! What would he do without you?!!"

(Parent of GCSE music student: composition and ensemble performance)


Student GCSE Composition - B.
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Music in schools

Congratulations to all my students who took GCSE music this year.  Fantastic performance and composition marks, and 8s and 9s (A*) across the board.  

"Paula is an inspirational guitar and ukulele teacher.  She is well-organised and provides every child or group with suitable material taking age and maturity into account, using her own specially-constructed grading system.  Her personable skills are evidenced by the number of children who stick with her lessons throughout primary school, and indeed beyond.  Her involvement in organising local concerts by famous guitarists encourages further aspiration for children and parents."


Music teacher and co-ordinator​, Bucks primary schools

To Paula

    Thank you so much for all your help with my gcse music!   I am so grateful.  Fingers crossed for a good mark!