"I love my lessons.  Paula makes (re)learning classical guitar easy and she patiently explains the theory to me (something I neglected to learn so well in my youth).  She helps me play music that I and my family love to listen to and in turn inspire other family members to learn.  The many laugh out loud moments that come from either emulating Les Dawson’s off notes or increasingly, nailing a melody perfectly, give me such joy.  Paula has given me the confidence to go for my grade 4 exam next too.  (Good for brain health apparently and other adults who haven’t played in years should reconsider picking guitar up again.)"

(Adult returning to classical guitar after 30+ years)



"Paula has expertly coached my son through the classical guitar grades from primary school onwards.  My son loves practising and confidently playing to family and friends, all because of Paula’s positive, encouraging and rewarding teaching style.  As a result he now has a love for and skill in music that is enriching his and other’s lives, beyond ‘just' playing music.  Paula has not just been a great guitar teacher but also an important role model in my son’s life."

"Paula has being teaching my daughter classical guitar since March 2012. She has flourished during this time due to Paula’s enthusiasm and encouragement.  She has taken part in several “Big Guitar Parties”, playing solos and as part of an ensemble. It has been amazing to see how Paula has managed to allow all of her pupils, whether new students or more experienced, to shine in front of an audience.


"She passed her Grade 4 with distinction last year – prepared by Paula to perform to the best of her ability. Theory tuition is an on-going part of the lessons and Paula keeps me informed of her progress both verbally and written in her notebook.


"I have been so pleased with my daughter's enjoyment and development that I didn’t hesitate to recommend Paula to our local primary school as a guitar teacher.


"My daughter thinks Paula is wonderful – a great teacher who is always smiling. She describes her lessons as fun, but clearly learns a lot while she is there. I couldn’t ask for more."

"I like learning to play the guitar becaruse it's fun and easy." George, 7

 "Playing guitar is really fun. I love learning new songs and I'm excited about getting better so I can play more complex pieces"  Erin, 11 

"My daughter was first interested in the guitar at 6 years of age at which time we, as parents, thought she may like to learn to play.  Paula was already teaching at our daughter's school so we approached her for private tuition. She was happy to oblige after assessing her because of her age.
Our daughter has now been taught by Paula for five years and she has progressed leaps and bounds.
Paula is a friendly and easy to understand teacher. Our daughter has found her classes interesting and enjoyable, assisting her in the progress she has made in learning to play the guitar.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Paula to others who may be looking for a competent guitar teacher. "

Mrs G.